Developing your brand

You don’t need to be big to benefit from a focus on developing your brand.

A strong brand can supercharge your marketing effectiveness by becoming a device to make your brand more noticeable, appealing and even credible.

Strong brands know what they stand for and deliver on their promise to customers, clients or stakeholders. They align organisational purpose, values and culture to ensure their customers receive in exchange for their money or time.

I can help you to understand your brand and develop powerful distinctive brand assets that set you apart from the competition. I can also help you by:

  • Working with graphic designers to update your visual brand including logo, colours, typeface, and other assets which can be documented in a formal Style Guide
  • Refreshing the key messages used by your brand in marketing communications
  • Organising a photo shoot to give you images you can use to personalise your marketing

Over the years, I’ve also thought about the characteristics an organisation should have to effectively develop their brand well before specifically planning advertising or awareness campaigns:

  1. Authentic – be genuine about what you’re offering and how your customers will really benefit. Good marketing is about reducing friction points. It’s therefore important to avoid sending mixed messages which can confuse and affect how trustworthy you seem. The market is highly sensitive to spin and this can be a big turn off. In extreme cases, you could have social media backlash on your hands.
  2. Consistent – my mother has a saying: ‘if you always tell the truth, you’ll never have to remember a lie’. In branding, if you’re authentic it’ll be easy to be consistent. Every touch-point from advertising to the experience your team gives in store or on the phone, should look and sound like you. When you do this, every single content is meaningful and contributes to refreshing perceptions of your brand in the minds of its consumers.
  3. Persistent – with the passing of time and as an organisation grows, it takes more effort to maintain a brand. It can also be tempting to play around too often or too quickly with visual brand such as logos, taglines and packaging. Branding is about recognition and recall so re-brand with care – search ‘re-branding mistakes’ and you’ll see many examples of brands making changes that cause them to haemorrhage sales.

If you aren’t sure if your brand is working for you as well as it can or you want to help to step it up a gear, give me a call on 0412 246 597 or email me.