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A marketing strategy will help you successfully sell your product or service to your target market.

I can develop your marketing strategy from scratch or look at your current plan to recommend ways to strengthen it.

There are 5 key steps to developing a marketing strategy.

  1. Internal research – auditing the organisation to understand its values and objectives, strengths and weaknesses, industry characteristics and competitive climate.
  2. Market research – designing surveys, discussions, focus groups and workshops to understand customer and market perceptions and experience of the product or service, the value of benefits delivered and to determine the most profitable segments.
  3. Brand identity – making decisions about marketing and communications, eg imagery, tone, message and in the case of new products or brands, name and logo.
  4. Objectives, strategies and resources – deciding what will be done, when and allocating resources. KPIs should be developed to hold key staff responsible for delivering the plan, accountable.
  5. Implement, manage and review – implementing the tactical plan, ensuring tracking mechanisms are in place and reviewing the results to shift activity to tactics which are generating more leads and conversions.

Depending on the complexity of your operations and what you already have in place, you may not need every step. For example, while getting good quality information is really important, in many cases a general briefing from one or more key people within the organisation is enough. When broader insights from sources outside your organisation are needed, I can help you build a more complete picture of the current situation, competitive climate, organisational capabilities and market perceptions.

My relevant experience in marketing strategy for brands and campaigns includes undertaking market research and internal audits, brand development, running advertising campaigns across TV, radio, press, Google and Facebook, PR and direct marketing by email and post.

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