Developing a marketing strategy

A marketing strategy will help you successfully sell your product or service to your target market.

Let’s face it, if I were to ask you to jump into a canoe and paddle for the Marshall Islands, you’d probably reach for a compass, a map and special skills for the job. We all need a plan to get from where we are to where we want to be and your business is no exception.

Whether you need to start from scratch or it’s just been a while since you reviewed your marketing strategy, these are some of the things involved to building a plan that’s right for you.

5 key steps to developing a marketing strategy.

  1. Internal research – we start by talking to you and your team and look at communications and materials to understand your values and objectives. Though this, we establish who you are, what you want to achieve and the way you’ve communicated this to the world.
  2. Market research – we’ll use surveys, focus groups, workshops and even look at feedback through your social media channels to tap into how you’re perceived by others, and how they see you relative to your competitors. We’ll also map your competitive context, which can include different categories that deliver similar benefits to yours.
  3. Brand identity – now that we understand who you are and how you’re viewed, I can make recommendations about your marketing and communications, eg what imagery you should use, the tone and style of your message and everything that will influence the marketing experience.
  4. Objectives, strategies and resources – deciding what will be done, when and allocating resources happens next. As well as deciding what tactics and tricks will work best for you, it’s great to set KPIs to communicate priorities and keep everyone who is responsible for delivering the plan, on track.
  5. Implement, manage and review – the best results come from implementing real-world experiences. As well as the experience I bring, I make sure to build in testing and tracking mechanisms so we can fine tune and invest the greatest effort in the areas that are delivering results.

Not every organisation needs each step – for example, you might already have insights from market research – but it’s a good idea to make sure all of these steps are covered as each one contributes something new.

My experience is extensive and includes undertaking internal audits and customer surveys, working with designers and developers to bring brands to life, and developing promotional campaigns – from television and radio advertising to recommending website enhancements and setting up email and social media marketing campaigns.

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