Building your marketing and communications team

Could you do with some help recruiting or developing your marketing and communications team?

Having spent many years successfully leading a high performing marketing and communications team across Australia, I have learned how to identify the right people and set them up for success.

I can help you build an enviable team.

  1. Recruitment – working with you to write the position description and advert, and acting as a technical on your panel by helping you to shortlist, write interview questions and attend interviews. While you need to decide the cultural fit, making the decision will be easier if you have feedback on whether they know their stuff based on the quality of their answers.
  2. Development – assessing the training and development needs of your marketing and communications team to make sure the people you rely on to do the job well have the skills and confidence to do so.
  3. Mentoring – this service is particularly suited to organisations where marketing and communications responsibilities are held by people with no formal qualifications, or by qualified professionals with less than 3 years of experience and for middle-managers who need management support from someone within their field.
  4. Helpdesk – an on-tap service available in 10 hour blocks, where your people can pick up the phone to get speedy answers. Not only does this make them more productive, but gives them new skills and supports innovation as a person may be more willing to try something new when they can talk it through first with someone more experienced.My strong technical skills in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, InDesign, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, together with my significant management experience, will give you a virtual marketing manager to increase the capacity of your team.Contact me to find out more.