How much does it cost?

It depends. Every business is different. Each has it’s own product or service, internal resources, history and vision. Our initial scoping discussion is free, so once we understand your needs, we can tailor a proposal for you. We also offer service bundles for on tap support when you need it.

What if I don’t exactly know what I need?

You wouldn’t be alone. Very few people who approach us are specific about what they need. And working with ambiguity is what we do best.

We don’t charge to scope out your needs because an important part of the process is helping you understand your options. Our first discussion is also about everyone deciding if the ‘fit’ is right. Tell us what you want to achieve and we can work backwards to explain how we can help you get there.

What information do you need to prepare a proposal?

If you can, a budget or range is helpful. We know it’s tempting to hold your cards close to your chest, but it makes it difficult to prepare a relevant and realistic proposal without having a ballpark in an area like marketing.

Our first discussion with you is free and we use this time to listen and ask questions. We’ll usually be able to suggest the kind of service or support we think you need. If you’re OK with that, we’ll go away and prepare a formal proposal.

We’re really good at not selling you something we don’t think you need. Because we don’t like it when people try to do that to us. We’re about solutions, not sales.