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Whether you want to build a strategy or an email campaign, your success depends on insight and practicality.


Sometimes it’s just better to involve someone whose attention (and desk) isn’t consumed with your day to day.

Answering ‘yes’ to any of these? We should talk.

  • Your current approach isn’t achieving the results you want
  • Your in-house team is inexperienced, stretched, going on leave or non-existent
  • You have a special project like an annual report, event recruitment campaign or website redevelopment and you need someone you can count on to do it all for you
  • You need a fresh perspective to see things in a new way


What can I help you with?

Strategy and management support

  • Developing your marketing or communication strategy to promote your product, service or event
  • Improving  effectiveness through operational audits, digital audits and more and helping you to streamline your marketing and communications systems and processes
  • Giving you a better perspective on what your customers think through surveys and focus groups
  • Building the capacity of your in-house team, including identifying skills gaps and training needs, recommending a new structure, writing job descriptions and even supporting your recruitment process

Operational and tactical services

  • Writing shareable, engaging content including articles, media releases, social media posts and website copy and posts for your LinkedIn company (or personal) page
  • Live tweeting from your conference, event or media announcement
  • Managing your next advertising campaign on TV, radio, press, Google, Facebook and more
  • Running your direct marketing campaign (email and social media event recruitment a speciality)
  • Updating your brand, including writing key messages, updating your visual assets and collateral updates and managing it all for you
  • Producing special publications like your charity’s Annual Report
  • Project-managing your website redevelopment
  • Covering periods of leave so your in-house marketing team can get a break occasionally
  • And more.

Your engagement options

Every business is unique and depending on your need, you have a few options for tapping into my specialist advice.

Option 1: Project proposal. We define the scope and I give you a cost for the full project. This proposal takes into account the time and complexity of the work involved. As a guide, a once-off email marketing campaign will cost less than strategy work that will be used as reference point or  to underpin business activities over a longer period.

Option 2: Time bundles and retainers. An affordable way to get help as and when you need it. It’s a great way to make sure you moderate and maintain your social media and website presence with fresh content, or for supporting a developing team without the expense of having a manager on the books full-time.

I’ve developed a broad set of skills over the years and can tackle strategy and many aspects of its practical implementation. I’d love to hear about your next project.