Celebrating Year 1.

February 1, 2018

Authored by
Authored by

Tania Cavaiuolo

Today marks one year since I officially declared See Marketing & Communications open for business.

I’ve settled in well among the cafe-loitering ‘freelance consulting’ world. I’ve been inspired by people and ideas I’d have never otherwise have encountered. And the variety of work is energising.

Whether it’s been directing a photo shoot, developing digital campaigns to fill festivals and conference rooms, or undertaking a strategic review of the marketing and BD operations of a large firm – every opportunity has been a chance to grow a little more.

I’ve learned so much.

The value of trusting my gut, the rewards of hard-work and flexibility, and the joy that comes from receiving positive feedback from clients.

I’ve also learned about the skills needed to get this far.

I was confident I had the technical skills to do good work, and that my experience having led national teams and campaigns would stand me in good stead.

But I’ve come to more fully appreciate other skills and qualities as equally important.

An open mind. Ability to see the drivers of people’s behaviour. Connecting snippets of information that others consider unrelated. Grit and determination – to get up every day and be productive – even after I’ve been rejected, ignored, let down, or when I just didn’t know when (or if) the next job would land.

While very little of the future is certain, what is certain is that I could never have come this far alone.

I’m grateful for the trust my valued clients have placed in me, the generous advice of the many people who are further along this unconventional path, and the (mostly) unwavering encouragement of my family and friends.

Thank you.

Because of you, I’m heading into my second year full of optimism, knowing it isn’t necessary for me to know what lies to be able to step confidently towards it.

"Tania respectfully moved us beyond our conventional approaches. Today our business is thriving again and our digital presence and content strategy has emerged to become a business strength."
Daryl Bateman
CEO, COTA Insurance
Meet the Founder

Tania Cavaiuolo is a Certified Practising Marketer and experienced communications practitioner with more than 15 years of experience across the for-profit, for-purpose and government sectors.


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