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Image of a roundabout illustrating the complexity of setting your prices
A helpful guide to setting your prices

If you are looking for guidance on setting your prices, this guide can help.

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Top marketing tips for COVID19

“It’s a great time to try new things.” It’s one of the top marketing tips for COVID19 and beyond I shared in this morning’s 20 …

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Tips for doing business at home during COVID19 isolation

There’s no question we need to think about how we business at home during COVID-19 as the pandemic unfolds. Having learned a thing or two …

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About more than just me.

I grew up in a safe home and life has been overwhelmingly kind to me thus far. But this isn’t everyone’s story. It isn’t every …

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Good marketing starts with why

Sometimes we can learn as much from ideas that don’t resonate with us, as from those that do.  Today I heard an interesting one. That …

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Image from Old Mate SA Tourism Ad
3 marketing strategy lessons we can learn from SA Tourism’s polarising advertising campaign

If you live in Australia, you might have seen and have an opinion on ‘Don’t Feel Sorry for Old Mate’, part of SA Tourism’s marketing …

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Instagram is where it’s at… and other wild statements that could derail your business.

The first thing I love most about marketing is its ever-changing nature. The second is that the fundamentals hold true regardless of whatever is being …

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Six marketing tips to help you sell your business

Planning to sell your business? We share six marketing tips that could help you get potential buyers more excited and boost the value of your sale.

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Tips from a Marketer: Selling your home without an agent

The internet of things makes it easy for buyers and sellers to deal direct. So when I sold my house in mid-2018, I skipped the …

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ProfitPlus thinking and social enterprise a new frontier in competitive advantage

Our digital age makes products and services transparent and replicable like never before. So when I think about opportunities to create meaningful competitive advantage, ProfitPLUS thinking …

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No, you can’t add me to your email marketing list

Adding me to your email marketing list because we swapped business cards is a no-no, even if you’re below the Spam Act threshold. There’s no …

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Think your product is market ready? Think again.

I remember the first time I considered what’s involved in getting a product to market. Early in my marketing studies, I had to analyse self-heating …

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"Tania is smart, quick and transparent in her methods. I’d recommend her for strategic marketing and comms, and helping you cut through complexity to yield great results!”
Rebecca Short
Then Manager, Climate Change Services Australia
Meet our Founder

Tania Cavaiuolo is a Certified Practising Marketer and experienced communications practitioner with more than 15 years of experience across the for-profit, for-purpose and government sectors.


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