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Sure, there’s a YouTube clip for every ‘how to’ and a slew of podcasts offering marketing advice. 

But while you’re muddling your way through the learning-curve, never finding time (or both), competitors and opportunities can pass you by. Plus, there’s no substitute for experience.

If you are looking for marketing advice and support to move forward, ask us about one of the featured services below or let us tailor a service for you.

Marketing advice

Featured Services

See.Clearer Session

A practical 90-minute session to workshop an idea, get marketing advice, or benefit from the insight of an experienced sounding-board to clarify your direction or help you make a more confident decision. $306+GST


See.Blindspot Audit

Could you do with a set of expert eyes? We'll review your activities to identify trip-hazards, red flags and opportunities to sharpen your marketing strategy. This service is great for reviewing your marketing plan or existing marketing resources.
From $900+GST

See.Further Plan

We cover everything from customers to competitors, brand personality to positioning. You’ll walk away with a brand on a page (which you can use to build a cohesive strategy), and suggested next steps to do on your own or with our help.
From $2200+GST

Other marketing strategy & communications services

Strategic advice

Tactical support


These are a few of the projects we’ve delivered for happy clients.


Clearer thinking in 90 minutes. Our signature service is an affordable way to get a fresh perspective and specific communications and marketing advice.



There’s no charge to meet with us the first time. We’ll have a general chat to understand what you need and determine if we can help. It’s also a good way for each of us to decide if we are a good fit.


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